The Angelic Gene

An orphan girl unsure of who she is or why a man wants her dead carries a secret. She will experience humanity.

Are you ready?

Join Sophia in a heart thumping adventure across England set in the 1870’s, exploring faith, doubt, love and fear. A story, quoted by the editor as “really something special”, you’ll continue to contemplate long after the journey unfolds.

The Last Judgement

A thought provoking story of love, life and death, the afterlife, and spiritual warfare.

I am dead. This is my funeral.

Elijah turned to look at Castiel who looked back at him and nodded gently.

And in that instant everything changed, in ways that Elijah Hael and those who read his story could never anticipate or imagine.

Enter a world of intrigue, suspense, wonder and living energy where our souls are battled over, unseen by many but experienced by all.

Don’t miss the opportunity to join Elijah Hael on his spellbinding, dazzling and unforgettable journey through his life to his destiny.

An adventure, infused with Christian values, you’ll never forget.

Those who enjoy an uplifting, challenging, touching story will adore this novel.

The Genetic Code

A dazzling, thought provoking, combination of faith versus secular beliefs, science fiction, spiritual warfare, action adventure and romance.

Yesterday’s gone. Tomorrow is a distant hope. Now means everything…

Nya struggled to believe her accomplishment. Nearly a decade’s work was all coming together. This was her moment. The Nobel Prize would be hers for the taking. Her work was going to change the face of bio-science forever.

The only problem, someone with an exceptionally dark desire wanted to twist her work for sinister purposes that would change the face of life on earth forever. And he was prepared to go to any lengths to get it.

Thus began a chain of startling events that would force Nya to place her trust in an unknown man whom she discovered from archived news reports … died years ago.

Journey with Nya, a believer, as her faith is tested. Join Isaac, a non-believer, who questions his existence. Discover how they face death together in a remarkable journey. An emotionally rich escapade which will delight those who quest personally challenging and thought provoking reads.

What people are saying

"My brother Elijah passed away a little over 5 years ago. I look forward to seeing what he's been up too. Your book, the named, the storyline and Christian based story made me smile. Which is a good thing. None of my family have smiled about Elijah's passing so far. God bless." Amberwren - Facebook

"Hi Steve, just wanted to thank you for my copy of The Genetic Code. Your first book was timely and comforting due to Jeff’s first born son, Neil, being really ill and losing his battle for life at 36 years of age. A lovely young man. He was in the British army. His tank got bombed in Afghanistan, lost all his mates, he was the sole survivor and never got over it. Died four years later on the anniversary. Hoping he is with his mates now. So to be honest Elijah Hael was a real comfort. Please keep writing......" Donna Gooch - Facebook

"The story is a very rare original idea. Not just a re-write of someone else's idea as is usually the case nowadays with most books." oldpj100 Amazon UK

"I am an avid reader if a book gets its hooks in me, and this was certainly the case with this one, I finished it in just a few days, and was almost sad to say farewell to the characters as I was beginning to get to know them." Wendy - Amazon UK

"A thought provoking must read. Gripping storyline from page one (it has to be to keep my interest!) twice I picked this book up to read and the only reason I put it down the first time was because I didn't want it to end.....finished on the second read." Donna - Goodreads

"I Just finished this last night... I Loved it!!! :D, I am ready for the next one!!! Karen - Facebook

Read the book while on pilgrimage to the Holy Land - brilliant!" Margaret McLean - Facebook

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, it was an easy read and had a great storyline from the beginning. I am just a few pages from finishing it and am disappointed there is not another book out yet." Reighnie - Amazon US

"First, congratulations are in order. You have written a wonderful book that takes a very different and fresh slant on the "spiritual warfare" sub-genre of Christian fiction. Elijah Hael is a sympathetic character in the best sense of the word! I really enjoyed reading the book--as well as just editing it--and wanted to know throughout what was going to happen next." Scott Stewart (Editor)

Other Variants

Windows Phone

The Windows Phone audible version includes all fifty five chapters narrated by the talented voice artist Markham Anderson, unique artwork for each chapter and five musical interludes, one vocal, four instrumental, at specific points during the narrated chapters.


The audble version includes all fifty five chapters narrated by the talented voice artist Markham Anderson. Provided for those who are reading impaired or prefer listening over reading. You set the price. Enter 0 to receive for free.